It’s a mad time of year, especially for the kind folk at USPS Post. They pretty much become Santa for a month; sending out gifts left, right, and centre, and delivering happiness in every parcel. There’s no sadder feeling, though, than ordering a sweet something online, and it not arriving in time for Christmas. That’s why we can’t stress enough: ORDER EARLY, because we don’t want you to be sad. Ever.

All Must Be Ordered for Courier Delivery

The cut-off is November 30th, which leaves you with just a few days to purchase your pack in time to put the perfect gift under the Christmas tree. We will endeavour to fulfill all orders as best we can .

Be aware that orders placed after these dates will not be ready in time for Christmas and may require longer delivery times than advertised.

Order Reminders

Don’t worry, we are on the case for keeping you updated with when your orders will arrive. Shortly before we reach each deadline, we’ll send you a reminder to make sure you’ll get your orders in on time. Just a quick reminder that orders placed after the cut-off dates will still be processed, but we cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas.

Post-Christmas Delivery

We will be closed from Christmas Day and open again with business as usual as of 5th of January 2020. Orders placed during the closure time will be processed ASAP upon our return.

Wishing you all the most fabulous festive season yet, filled with all the food, all the fam, and all the fresh togs your heart could ever desire!

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact [email protected]

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